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Vulci: info about the city

foto vulci città etrusca

Vulci is an ancient Etruscan city that is in the territory of Montalto di Castro. In ancient times it was a very important and flourishing city, with a strong development both in commerce and fishing with Greece and the East, as evidenced by the sumptuous funerary objects found in the adjacent cemetery and now scattered in museums around the world.

The city that gave birth to many Etruscan ruins, is surrounded by various other remains belonging to different municipalities. The place where these “city of the dead” are visible are numerous: Ponte Rotto, Cavalupo, Polledrara, Camposcala, Campo di Maggio, Osteria. Among the most famous tombs include the huge mound of Cuccumella. Among the most evocative monuments is certainly worth mentioning the famous arched bridge dating from the third century BC, said “of the devil”, located near the medieval castle of the Abbey (dating from the thirteenth century).

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