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Viterbo: city and info about territory

The city of Viterbo, capital of the province, was born in the Neolithic era: some evidence were in fact discovered and it means that it was settled there already at that time; under the Etruscans, Viterbo had a great development, and even under the Romans, when the town was founded as a military garrison named Castrum Herculis, probably due to the Temple of Hercules is located in the area. 
Viterbo acquired the status of town only in medieval times: in the twelfth century, for example, acquired numerous castles nearby, also supported by the protection of Frederick I, giving legitimacy to its policy of expansion.

From medieval times to modern times the town’s fortunes are mixed. Viterbo is sometime still called today the City of the Popes: in the thirteenth century it has been the papacy home, for about 24 years and the Papal Palace in Viterbo housed there several popes.

Hotel Italia would advise you to visit this town, that certainly does not lack for interesting places and tourist and cultural attractions: just think about the magnificent Palace of the Popes, built in 1266, about the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, located next to the Palace, about the old medieval quarter of San Pellegrino and Piazza del Plebiscito, and about the necropolis of Castel d’Asso. In addition to tourist attractions, also, Viterbo also has many clubs and shopping centers: so choose a Shopping Weekend and visit Viterbo!