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Valentano: info about the city and the territory

Valentano is another of the towns bordering on Lake Bolsena. The origins of the name are uncertain, perhaps to be found in Verentum, the name of an ancient Etruscan city, or in Valente, landowner local lord who once lived in this area.
The territory was inhabited since prehistoric times: they are evidence of the finds of the Bronze Age pile-dwelling settlements. Other prehistoric have been identified in many parts of the municipality as Vallone, Monte Saliette, Poggi del Mulino and Monte Starnina.
The first evidence of the country dates back to a document dated 813 AD; in Valentano was also founded a church, Santa Maria del Tempio, which was Templar venue.
To see, in addition to numerous examples of sacred art in the various town churches, are the fortress and the Farnese Palace and the Museum of Prehistory.
In Valentano is very well known the “Straight Furrow” feast, that takes place every August the 14th. The typical product of the town that we’d like to advice you is the Straight Furrow Chickpea.