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Tarquinia: info about the territory

Tarquinia was one of the major cities of the Etruscan “dodecapoli” (an alliance of twelve Etruscan city-state that, according to tradition, in Etruria, formed a powerful economic, religious and military alliance: the Etruscan League), and the town gave birth to three of the famous seven kings of Rome.

Submitted to Roman rule in 295 BC then passed under the dominion of Theodoric, and was then attached to the Carolingian lands, and then donated to the Pope becoming part of the Papal States.
There are several places of historical and tourist interest: the Etruscan city on the hill of La Civita, where you can see in particular the impressive ruins of a temple, now called Ara della Regina (44 × 25 m), dated around the IV – III century BC.

Then there are the large necropolis, such as the Monterozzi one, preserving a large number of burial mounds with cave rooms, which houses an outstanding collection of paintings, which represent the most important collection of paintings come to us from Etruscan art and at the same time the most comprehensive document of all the old paint before the age of the Roman Empire.
Finally there are the Cathedral, the churches of St. Paul the Apostle and St. Mary of the Castle and the Museum.