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Orvieto: info about the city

Orvieto is a beautiful art city perched on a spur of tufa only 30 km from Montefiascone and then from Lake Bolsena. Testimonials from Etruscan eve lead to consider the etymology of the name in Volsinii Vetere; the town was built near a famous and important Etruscan sanctuary, Fanum Voltumnae, destination for many pilgrims. We have also remains of the Etruscan necropolis. The city was conquered in 264 BC Romans and the population was deported near Lake Bolsena giving rise to Volsinii Novi, the current Bolsena.

The city suffered ups and downs until, in 1354, Cardinal Egidio Albornoz endowed it with a fortress. In 1450, after fierce riots, the territory was fully subject to the papacy, which ruled until the unification of Italy. In the beautiful cathedral of Orvieto are preserved in the vestments of the Miracle of Bolsena.

What to see: the Cathedral of Orvieto, a splendid example of Italian Gothic architecture, the Chapel of San Brizio, painted by a series of paintings on the Last Judgement by Luca Signorelli; the Churches of St. Andrew and St. Dominic, St. Patrick’s Well, the Necropolis of the Crocifisso del Tufo and Cannicella, and the various buildings in medieval, Renaissance and modern style that make the city a true masterpiece.