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Information about the territory of Montefiascone

Montefiascone is the largest country in area. The town’s name probably derives from Mons Faliscorum (so that the inhabitants are called Falisci), that means Mont of Falisci, an ancient Etruscan people believed to have settled in this area.

The history of the town suffered mixed fortunes, being born as an Etruscan settlement, then passed under the control of the Romans and finally under the one of the Papacy, that here built the splendid castle that overlooks the town. What to see: St. Flavian, Romanesque-style church that was the center of town and the lives of Romans settled in that area, the fortress of the Popes, chosen from time to time as a summer retreat by the bishops and popes, the Cathedral of Santa Margherita, designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.

Also worth seeing are mausoleums, cemeteries and many tombs of Etruscan and Roman origins.
An honorable mention goes to the famous and excellent local wine EST! EST! EST!