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Marta: info about the city

Marta is located on the southeast side of Lake Bolsena, and is about 24 km far from the capital, Viterbo. It looks like a tuff little village perched on the clear waters of the lake, with narrow streets, suggestive stairs and passages. It is part of the municipality also the beautiful Martana Island, which together with the Bisentina one stands at the center of the lake.

The powerful octagonal clock tower dominates the town, together with the remains of the fortress built by Pope Urban IV around 1260. The tower, opened in the summer months to allow tourists to enjoy the lake view from its top, is certainly prior to the twelfth century, but the restorations carried out several times over the centuries make it extremely difficult to date.

The country’s economy is still based on agriculture and fisheries; this business is the basis of a religious feast (called Barabbata), which takes place on May the 14th of each year, when the village men, the categories of Casenghi, Peasants, Fishermen and Villani, after each set of floats representing their profession, parade through the city streets until reaching the Santuario della Madonna del Monte (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mt).
A must-taste is the Cannaiola, a particular and distinctive local wine.