Italia & Lombardi Hotel

Lake Bolsena, nature, history and typical dishes

If you want to spend a holiday at Lake Bolsena and are looking for an appropriate structure to accommodate you, you are right!

In fact, we propose to delight us with your presence, taking the Hotel Italia in Montefiascone, on Lake Bolsena, as your base for exploration of the largest volcanic lake in Europe; among other things, the Hotel Italia allows you to enjoy the delights of Tuscia selected by people working in the reception of clients for over 40 years, and relax in its wellness center.

The attractions of the villages and areas that overlook the lake and its surroundings are great, and are able to satisfy any traveler, even the most demanding, thanks to a successful and spectacular mix of nature, ancient history, art and cuisine. In fact, you can breathe a bit of Etruscan and Roman history, and retracing the evolution of civilization through several millennia of history, visiting archaeological sites and museums.

So who is going to discover the wonders of Lake Bolsena, the largest in Europe, with the volcanic origins, you just have to fully explore the magnificent papal fortress of Montefiascone, the Fortress of Capodimonte overlooking the beautiful waters of the lake and manicured lawns, marinas and the Castle of the Dragon of Bolsena, the avenue that runs along the lake front of Marta, the organized beaches of Grotte di Castro and the most natural and wild ones of Gradoli, the beautiful country of Valentano overlooking the valley and the lake below.

Do not forget, of course, are absolutely typical products of these banks, like the famous wine EST! EST! EST! Montefiascone, the Aleatico of Gradoli and the Cannaiola of Marta; there are then chickpeas of Solco Dritto from Valentano, potatoes Grotte di Castro (exported worldwide), and of course the delicate lake fish, used to prepare the soup called “Sbroscia”.