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Info about the territory of Bolsena

Bolsena, also known as the “city of the miracle of the Eucharist”, is the town that gives its name to the largest volcanic lake in Europe. The Eucharistic miracle that took place in the Church of Santa Cristina in 1263, tells us how a Bohemian priest, during a celebration of the Mass at the tomb of Santa Cristina, had doubts about transubstantiation: the blood, gushed from the consecrated host, wet liturgical linens and stones. Pope Urban IV was informed of the events and promulgated the Bull Transiturus instituting the Feast of Corpus Christi.

In Bolsena houses the sacred stones, one of which is always exposed to the veneration of the faithful, while the vestments are kept in Orvieto.
To be seen: The Chapel of the Miracle, Santa Cristina (Romanesque church with frescoes by the Sienese painters of the fifteenth century), the Rock Monaldeschi, whose earliest records date back to 1156, Cozza Crispo Palace (now of the Dragon), the Fountain de ‘Medici (or San Rocco).